Thomas Etheridge

Thomas Etheridge (1896 – 1969) was born in Cinderford, the son of a miner. On leaving school, he started work as an office boy in the FDMA office under George Rowlinson. He continued in a paid role as a clerk and then was appointed to the full-time role of FDMA Financial Secretary in 1920. He married Ethel Holder in 1925.

In May 1937, it was discovered by an accountant that Etheridge had altered figures in his cash book in an attempt to deceive the auditors and over £700 was missing. Etheridge was arrested and committed to trial at Gloucester Assizes where he was charged with embezzlement, falsifications of accounts and the destruction of a bank passbook. The case was tragic as a large number of empty whisky bottles were found in his office, and he was stealing to finance his addiction to alcohol. Etheridge was found guilty and sentenced to 14 months in prison. When released from prison he found work as a general labourer.



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