Transported Convicts (1826-1831)

Stephen Evans

Stephen Evans was born in 1811 in English Bicknor and lived in Clearwell. He worked as a blacksmith and ploughman. He married Harriet Frowen on 11 May 1833 and had one child. He was arrested two months after his marriage for stealing a lamb, the property of Richard Ebborne, with Richard Dew. Consequently, on 10 August 1833, at the age of 21, he was sentenced to transportation for life. On 28 Aug 1833, he was transferred to the hulk, the Justitia, and then to the ship, the Moffatt which set sail on 4 January 1834 and arrived in Van Diemen’s Land on 4 September 1834. He was assigned to H G Hackett and in 1841 he was assigned to W G Walker at Norfolk Plains.

Evans was granted a ticket of leave of 16 June 1842. He married Elizabeth Copping in October 1842 and had two children. In April 1833, Elizabeth Copping was also a convict having been sentenced by the Middlesex Assizes to transportation for seven years for receiving stolen goods. Evans had a history of absconding but was granted a conditional pardon on 20 October 1845 and full pardon on 23 November 1846.

Meanwhile, in 1851 Harriett was recorded as being in the workhouse in England. In 1863 Evans married Mary Ann West in 1863 with whom he had three children. Mary West was also a convict having been sentenced to transportation in April 1832 for the theft of a bonnet, a shawl and two gowns. Stephen Evans died on 25 March 1896.


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