Transported Convicts (1826-1831)

Thomas Prosser

was born in 1797 in Alvington where he worked as an agricultural labourer. He married Ann Powell in 1817 and had four children. Ann Powell died in 1834. On 17 October 1838, at the age of 41 and 27 months after the death of his wife, he was sentenced to be transported for ten years for stealing two sheep belonging to Mr Willett of High Wollaston. His twelve-year-old son George Prosser went to live with his grandmother. After a spell on a hulk, Thomas Prosser was transferred to the Layton which set sail for Van Diemen’s Land on 13 July 1839 arriving 7 December 1839. He received a ticket of leave on 1 January  1845 and a certificate of freedom on 4 November 1848.


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