William David Jenkins

William David Jenkins (1903 – 1973) was born in Staunton near Coleford, the son of a miner. He married Winfred Bloxham in 1933 and worked as a miner at Cannop. He was Vice-Chairman of the FDMA in 1939 and 1940 and a member of the Forest of Dean Coal Production Committee during World War Two. In 1943 he was appointed as the Regional Investigation Officer working for the Ministry of Labour tracking absenteeism under the Essential Work Orders (EWO). In 1946, he was chair of the Coleford Branch of the WEA. In 1949, he was a member of West Dean Rural District Council representing the Labour Party for Broadwell and also elected onto Gloucestershire County Council in 1949 representing the Labour Party for Coleford. In 1950 he was the Labour Officer on the local NCB and a member of the Forest of Dean School Managers. He lived at 30 Woodville Avenue, Mile End.


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