Transported Convicts (1789-1826)

Thomas Jeynes

Thomas Jeynes was born in 1789 and worked as a travelling razor grinder and a brazier of gypsy heritage. He married Penelope Rose in December 1818 in Minchinhampton and had at least three children including a son Henry Jeynes born in 1820 in Cheltenham. In November 1839, Thomas, Henry and Penelope were arrested in Coleford for the theft of two asses, a saddle and a bridle in Chedworth on 25 October. Penelope was discharged but on 31 December Thomas, age 50 and Henry, age 29, were was convicted and sentenced to be transported for 7 years. After a spell on a hulk, the Warrior at Woolwich, Thomas was transferred to the David Clarke which set sail for Van Diemen’s Land on 7 June 1841 arriving on 4 October 1841. He obtained his ticket of leave on 18 April 1845 and a certificate of freedom on 10 January 1848.

The fate of Henry James is unclear. He is listed as being held on the hulk the Warrior arriving on 17 January 1840. He then appears again being held on hulk the Warrior arriving on 15 November 1843.  It is possible he had escaped and was later captured. However, there is no record of his actual transportation. A Henry Jeynes is recorded marrying Mary Baldwin in Newent in 1851.

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