Transported Convicts (1831-1833)

James Young

James Young was born in 1800 and lived in Westbury-on-Severn where he worked as a labourer. On 30 June 1835, at the age of 35, he was transported for life for the theft of one sheep. After a spell on the hulk, the Ganymede, he was transferred to the Asia which set sail for Van Diemen’s Land on 8 Nov 1835 and arrived on 21 February 1836. He was flogged on board during the journey for stealing another prisoner’s sugar.

In June 1845 he received a conditional pardon on the basis of the following report:

“Having had two masters one of whom he served from the time of his arrival until he obtained his ticket of leave and the other from that time, both of whom speak highly of him; and only one trivial charge  having been made against him.”

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