Transported Convicts (1835-1839)

Edward Bevan

Edward Bevan (alias Beard) was born in 1810 in Tidenham where he worked as a labourer. He married Harriet Vaughan on 30 December 1835 and had two daughters one of whom died as a baby.  On 31 March 1838, at the age of 28, he was convicted of breaking into the warehouse of William Court and stealing some candles and soap and sentenced to be transported for 15 years. After a spell on the hulk, the Ganymede, he was transferred to the Gilmore which set sail for Van Diemen’s Land on 5 October 1838 and arrived on 22 January 1839.

He obtained his ticket of leave on 8 March 1845. He married Euphemia Brown in June 1845 but she died on 29 April 1847. He was recommended for a conditional pardon on 29 April 1846 which was approved on 18 September 1847. His report stated:

“Having completed eight years and a quarter of a fifteen-year sentence and having maintained an excellent character in the colony.”

He married Ellen Brien on 13 June 1853 in Hobart and lived in Coal River Richmond where they had five children. Ellen died in 1862 and Bevan married Ellen Scofield and went on to have three more children. Edward Bevan died in Colebrook in Tasmania on 6 April 1895 aged 80.



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