Transported Convicts (1789-1826)

William Hulin


William Hulin was born in 1810 in St Briavels where he worked as a labourer. At the age of 22, on 13 Oct 1832, he was convicted of the theft of a gander valued at 3 shillings, the property of John Burton, and sentenced to be transported of 7 years. He had been discharged from court on two occasions before having been found not guilty or no evidence presented.  After a spell on a hulk, he was transferred to the Asia I which set sail for New South Wales on 4 February 1833 and arrived in Australia on 27 June 1833.

Hulin married Mary Donohoe, also a convict, on 21 April 1840 in Maitland, and went on to have five children. Donohoe was born in 1917 and was from Donegal and had been transported on 3 Dec 1829 to Van Diemen’s Land on 5 January 1830.

William Hulin died on 19 February 1877 in Singleton.


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